Sensory-Friendly Product Guide

Sensory-Friendly Products

The Happy Giraffe

Sensory Oasis for Kids

My Diffability Australia

Sister Sensory

The Therapy Store

Sue Larkey Sensory Shop

Ninja Babies


Sensory Tools Australia

Special Needs Australia 

Belta Brands

Kmart - Sensory Toys

Sensory-Friendly Sanitary Products

Sensory-Friendly Period Underwear/Briefs for Tween and Teens

Noise Reduction Headphones and Earpods

Ems for Kids

Loop Earplugs

3M Peltor Noise Reduction Headphones

Flare Audio

Flare Audio Calmer Collection

Flare Calmer Kids

Fidget Toys

Kaiko Fidgets


Stimming Jewelry

Stim Tastic

Kinect Design

Anxiety Rings