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    Autistic LGBTQIA+ Advocates

    Hannah Gadsby

    Tasmania’s own Hannah Gadsby stopped stand-up comedy in its tracks with her multi-award-winning show, Nanette, which when launched on Netflix won an Emmy.

    Hannah’s difficult second album (which was also her eleventh solo show) was named Douglas after her dog.

    Douglas was an Emmy nominated smash hit, moving beyond the trauma at the center of Nanette and instead, letting the world see the view from Hannah’s brain – one that sees the world differently but with breathtaking clarity.

    Dr Wenn Lawson

    Autistic Consultant & British Psychologist, Wenn, leading by example to empower autistic individuals and promote quality co-produced research.


    Sam Rose

    I CAN Network member and proud advocate.


    Aaron Ansuini

    Let's Get By Together is a non-profit organisation founded by Aaron Ansuini, a transgender and disabled content creator.

    Aaron uses art as creative activism and intervention in matters of social justice within his community, raising money and awareness for those impacted.

    Amythest Schaber

    Amythest is an Autistic and intersex writer @neurowonderful

    Lyric Holmans (Neurodivergent Rebel)

    Lyric Holmans, an autistic self-advocate from Texas, runs the internationally recognised neurodiversity lifestyle blog Neurodivergent Rebel.

    The Neurodivergent Rebel opened their blog in 2016 as a way to introduce people unfamiliar with the concept of neurodiversity to this new way of seeing neurological differences. The blog explores the ideology of neurodiversity and the creative expressions of autistic people and pushes for acceptance of neurological differences and respect for the autonomy of neurodivergent people.

    Online Support Groups

    I CAN Network Online Group Mentoring

    Autistic-led and interest-based groups for ages 8-22, plus groups for Autistic-LGBTIQA+ teens

    Parents of Gender Diverse Children 

    For parents and carers


    The Autistic Realm Australia Inc is an Australian charity completely led and managed by Autistics


    The Awesome Autistic Guide for Trans Teens

    By Yenn Purkis and Sam Rose

    The Autistic Trans Guide to Life

    By Yenn Purkis and Wenn Lawson

    Supporting Transgender Autistic Youth and Adults

    A guide for professionals and families.

    By Finn V Gratton

    Pink, Blue and You!

    Questions for Kids About Gender Stereotypes

    By Elise Gravel and Mykaell Blais (Illustrator)

    Can I tell you about Gender Diversity?

    A guide for friends, family and professionals.

    By CJ Atkinson and Olly Pike (Illustrator)

    Counselling and Psychology

    LGBTQIA+ Family Support


    Trans 101 - The Basics
    by Minus18

    Insights from Autistic LGBTIQA+ Young Adults Webinar
    (Feb 2020)

    by I CAN Network

    Other Resources

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