NDIS Goal Template/Menu

NDIS Goal Template/Menu

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About the Literally Ausome Goal Template/Menu

The goals in the document suit high-masking Autistic children in early primary school as well as upper primary school and transitioning to secondary school.

The NDIS requires two short-term goals and four medium-long term goals (and no more than a total of six goals).

It's recommended that your short-term goals focus on the areas that require immediate support and that the medium-long term goals include future planned support areas.

The medium-long term goals may be the same for several years as these are the areas that require ongoing attention.

Your Local Area Coordinator (LAC) can guide you on the preferred layout/structure that the NDIA needs to have the goals provided, or alternatively, discuss your child's goals with your LAC and they will prepare the goals in the preferred/correct format for the NDIA for submission.

You can request to review the goals prior to submission.

The categories that these goals are linked to are Capacity Building/Improved Daily Living/Daily Activities, Core and Civic and Community Participation.

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Literally Ausome Goal Template/Menu Funding Categories

(The language is interchangeable but all means the same thing).

This category is for all therapy: Psych, Speech, OT, Social Skills.

A pool of funds that can be used flexibly. An amount for 'consumables' may be assigned (for nappies, bedwetting support, menstruation underwear for girls).

This category may also include funds for support workers, assistive technology, books (e.g. to explain Autism to your child), fidget toys etc.

It's highly advisable to get clarity over the funding breakdown of this category.

Includes funds for school holiday programs, all abilities sports programs/sports etc.