Welcome to Literally Ausome

Support, education and advocacy for Neurodivergent
children and their families

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Literally Ausome is a fully voluntary fee-free service

Dedicated to creating a Neuroinclusive future
rejecting the long-held belief that Neurodivergent children
need to become Neurotypical in order to be accepted and included.

Our aim is to support our Neurodivergent children, who might struggle,
to become Neurodivergent children who don't. 

It's about our children thriving; not just surviving.

Literally Ausome Complimentary Supports and Services


Guiding families prior to, throughout, and following your child or children's diagnosis.

Support Funding

Informing families of financial support options and services and access processes.


Providing families pathways to best support their neurodiverse child or children at school.


Providing families with information for effective advocacy at school and within the community.

Education and Training

Information for teachers and community members including effective support strategies.

Free Resources

Access to complementary resources, information and Literally Ausome's support services.

What is Neurodiversity?

Neurodiversity is the idea that neurological differences like Autism and ADHD are the result of normal, natural variations in the human genome.

Neurodiversity represents a new and fundamentally different way of looking at conditions that have traditionally been pathologised and one that is slowly gaining traction and respect by practitioners, psychologists, and psychiatrists due to it being supported by science.

Science suggests that conditions like autism have a stable prevalence in human society as far back as we can measure and most importantly that Autism, ADHD, and other conditions are a result of a combination of genetic predispositions and environmental interactions and not the result of disease or injury.

Let's educate and advocate for our neurodiverse parents, children, family, friends, and colleagues and embrace the concept that those people with neurological differences don't need to be cured.

We literally just need acceptance, support and adequate and appropriate accommodations.

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Neurotypical people can generally navigate social situations that increase in complexity with age and maturity, possess good communication skills, initiate and maintain social connections like friendships more easily, and can function in distracting or stimulating environments without becoming overwhelmed.


Neurodiversity considers brain variations including learning, mood, attention, sociability and other mental processes. These variations aren't regarded as abnormal or curable but as differences to be understood and embraced. It largely rejects the medical model of disability.

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