Literally Ausome Friendship Guide

Your Literally Ausome Friendship Guide

Click on the image to download your Literally Ausome Autism Friendship Guide.

The guide includes:

  • What's Autism and some facts about Autism
  • The Autism 'Spectrum' and how it's diagnosed
  • Autistic traits and characteristics explained
  • Executive Functioning
  • Autistic masking and Autistic burnout
  • Autistic meltdowns and shutdowns and saying no to functioning labels
  • The challenges with changing tasks and an Autistic perspective to understanding Autism.

What your Autistic friend might want you to know and how you can support them:

  • In social situations
  • When spending time together
  • Other areas and ways to support your Autistic friend
  • Supporting your friend when they're in shutdown

Summary and conclusion and a reminder that you're an Ausome friend. Literally!